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Traditional Simplified
可怕 故事 A Scary Story
你們 鬼故事 希望 如果 晚上 故事 一定 惡夢 I want to tell you all a ghost story. I hope you are not afraid of ghosts. If you read this at night, you will surely have nightmares!
黑暗 傍晚 王先生 單獨 客廳 突然 大聲 可怕 聲音 什麼 聲音 時候 獨自 It was a dark evening, Mr. Wang was sitting alone in the living room. Suddenly he heard a loud and scary sound! What could it be? He was alone in the house.
王先生 離開 他的 椅子 看看 究竟 什麼 聲音 緊張 Mr. Wang got out of his chair and went to see what it was. He was nervous.
聲音 房子 外面 傳來 所以 王先生 慢慢 打開 之後 沒有 The sound was coming from outside of the house. Mr. Wang opened the door slowly and there was a ghost! The ghost ate Mr. Wang. No one has seen him again afterwards.
告訴 可怕 故事 I told you this was a scary story!