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Traditional Simplified
困難 抉擇 A Tough Decision
中國人 喜歡 米飯 而且 暖熱 東西 上海 長大 現在 歐洲 經常 懷念 中國 飲食 Chinese people love to eat rice and warm food. I grew up in Shanghai, but now I live in Europe. I miss Chinese cuisine all the time.
除了 麵包 酸乳酪 有時候 早上 東西 例如 湯麵 餃子 等等 無論 夏天 還是 冬天 午餐 晚餐 喜歡 食物 而且 通常 米飯 菜色 我的 媽媽 出色 廚師 所以 經常 吃飯 炒飯 梅菜蒸肉餅 豆腐 晚餐 通常 豐富 因為 全部 十分 享受 家人 一起 晚餐 時間 Along with bread and yogurt, I also love having something warm for breakfast from time to time, such as noodle soup, dumplings, congee, etc. However, no matter whether it is summer or winter, I always love to have warm food for lunch and dinner. Usually, lunch and dinner consist of two or three dishes along with a bowl of rice. My mother is a great cook, so I generally eat at home. My favourite dishes are fried rice, steamed minced pork with preserved vegetables, and tofu. We usually have the greatest variety of dishes for dinner because everyone is at home in the evening. I enjoy dinner time with my family very much.
晚餐 我們 水果 喜歡 榴槤 很多 歐洲人 討厭 榴槤 味道 即使 歐洲 榴槤 不能 回家 因為 我的 室友 一定 生氣 After dinner, we love to have fruit. I like durians, but many Europeans hate their taste. Even if I could find durians here, I still couldn't bring them home because my flatmates would definitely be very mad!
喜歡 歐洲 食物 尤其 起司 上海 起司 昂貴 歐洲 便宜 現在 差不多 起司 有時候 配上 結束 勞累 I love European food, as well - especially cheese. It is very expensive in Shanghai but costs much less in Europe, which explains why I now eat cheese almost every night. Sometimes I will also drink a glass of red wine after an exhausting day.
酒精 飲料 歐洲 便宜 喜歡 上海 因為 星期 這裡 星期 Alcoholic drinks are also way cheaper in Europe! I love drinking red wine, but since it is too expensive in Shanghai, I would only buy a single bottle each week. Here, I buy three bottles a week!
歐洲 還是 上海 真是 困難 抉擇 Europe or Shanghai? That's a tough decision!