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Traditional Simplified
尷尬 口試 測試 The Most Awkward Oral Test Question
我的 中文 家教 口試 測試 問題 中文 ? 問題 覺得 緊張 One day, my Chinese tutor gave me an oral test. For me, the first question he asked was the hardest: "Can you speak Chinese?" As soon as I heard this question, I felt nervous.
忐忑 回答 I tentatively responded, "Yes"
真的 ? "Really?"
真的 "Really."
除了 ' ' ' 真的 ' 之外 其他 可以 ? "Aside from 'yes' and 'really', is there anything else you can say?"
開玩笑 ? "Um, you're joking around with me, right?"
到底 中文 ? "Can you or can't you speak Chinese?"
! "I can!"
? "Are you trying to drive me crazy?"
! "No!"
為什麼 這麼 簡單 回答 ? 你的 口試 ! 如果 通過 的話 認真 一點 ? "Then why are you replying to me so simply? This is your oral test! If you want to pass, you'd better try a bit harder, okay?"
…… "Okay..."
' ' ! 不好意思, 辦法 通過 口語 測試 我們 禮拜 試試看 "again with the 'okay'! Sorry, there's no way you're passing the test this time. We'll try again next week."
可是 否定 問題 正常 說法 回答 ? 準備 其他 種類 問題 可以 ? "But you only asked me yes-no questions. Am I not responding in the correct way? Did you prepare any other kinds of questions for me?"
我的 家教 臉色 越來越 尷尬 最終 發現 不好意思 今天 口語 測試 My tutor's expression grew more and more uncomfortable, until he finally said, "You got me. Sorry, I forgot I was going to give you a test today."