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春節 習俗 禁忌 Chinese New Year's Customs and Taboos
春節 歷史 悠久 當中 很多 習俗 禁忌 知道 多少 我們 除夕夜 開始 說起 ⋯⋯ Chinese New Year has a long history, along with many customs and taboos. How many do you know about? Let's talk about them, starting from New Year's Eve...
除夕 New Year's Eve
人們 送舊 迎新 貼上 春聯 年初一 來臨 之前 理髮 大掃除 送走 過去 晦氣 重要 家人 聚首 一堂 享用 團年飯 On this day, people do many things to usher out the old year and welcome in the new one. For example, they will put on new spring couplets, get a haircut, or clean up their house before the arrival of the new year. All these signify sending off the bad luck from the previous year. The most important part of this day is that families gather together for the Reunion Dinner.
大年初一 First Day
新年 第一 人們 穿上 拜年 已婚 長輩 準備 紅封包 晚輩 喜歡 過年 活動 This is the first day of the new year. Everyone wears their new clothes and goes to visit their relatives. During the visits, married senior members will give red envelopes to junior members of the family. This is my favorite Chinese New Year's activity.
相傳 古時 鞭炮 嚇走 年獸 保障 家人 平安 現今 怪獸 人們 年初一 鞭炮 增添 節日 氣氛 Originally, firecrackers were used to scare away evil spirits in order to protect family members. Although there are no more evil spirits nowadays, people still light firecrackers on the first day of the new year just to enhance the festive atmosphere.
其中一 禁忌 垃圾 因為 倒掉 運氣 One of the taboos of this day is to throw away rubbish, because good fortune will also be thrown away, symbolically.
大年初二 Second Day
已婚 女兒 丈夫 娘家 而且 必須 準備 雙數 禮物 因為 單數 不吉利 意味 Married daughters return home with their husbands. They should bring an even number of gifts back with them, since odd numbers are a symbol of bad luck.
大年初三 Third Day
赤口日 發生 口角 人們 This is the day of the "red mouth," on which quarrels occur easily. Therefore, people believe it is better to stay at home.
新年 期間 大部分 商店 停止 營業 直至 年初五 開張 營業 中國 很多 商店 星期日 繼續 營業 所以 從事 零售業 什麼 機會 享受 家人 一起 放假 時間 人們 相信 湯圓 可以 團圓 覺得 如果 春節 人們 多一點 假期 家人 團聚 一起 實際 方法 During Chinese New Year, most of the shops are closed until the fifth day of the New Year. In China, however, many shops are still open on Sundays, so many people in the retail industry cannot enjoy days off with their family. Legend has it that eating glutinous rice balls brings families together, but I think granting people more days off would be a much more practical way to reunite families!