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恐怖片 搞笑片 Horror and Comedy Flicks
喜歡 電影 但是 品味 一樣 Everyone likes to watch movies, but every person has different tastes.
喜歡 恐怖片 喜歡 電影 他們 捏一把冷汗 感覺 反而 討厭 恐怖片 至少 需要 他們 一起 Some people like horror flicks. They like the chilling sense of dread the movie makes them feel. On the other hand, some people hate watching horror movies, or at least need someone to accompany them as they watch.
自己 覺得 大部分 恐怖片 無聊 好像 製片人 以為 強調 血腥 驚嚇 強調 故事 人物 重要 但是 如果 電影 觀眾 同情 人物 觀眾 為什麼 在乎 他們 發生 什麼 I personally think that most horror movies are boring. It seems like many filmmakers believe emphasizing blood and shock is more important than emphasizing story and characters. But if the movie doesn't let the audience empathize with the characters, then why would the audience care what happens to them?
搞笑片 幽默 方面 方面 關於 文化 方面 關於 觀眾人 個性 可能 一些 普遍 幽默感 What about comedy flicks? Humor is multi-faceted. On one hand, there's a cultural aspect. On the other hand, it also comes down to the different personalities of the viewers. There are also some universal feelings of humor.
覺得 好看 搞笑片 企圖 吸引 所有 觀眾 反而 種類 幽默 吸引 幽默感 觀眾 覺得 喜劇 肯定 主觀 類型 覺得 I think that the best comedy flicks won't attempt to appeal to everyone. Instead, they will take one style of humor and attempt to appeal to a particular audience that shares it. Comedy certainly is the most subjective genre. What do you think?