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Parallel Texts

Welcome to Read Chinese Online's library of Parallel Texts! These are interactive stories and articles written in both Chinese and English, so that you can practice reading Chinese with an English translation at hand.

If you hover your mouse pointer over a sentence, it will light up both in the English and the Chinese text, so that you can see which sentences correspond to each other. Also, if you hover your mouse pointer over a Chinese word, a little box will appear with its English translation and its pronunciation.

You can right click Chinese words to bring up a context menu. From this menu you can choose to listen to the word, or the entire sentence, and also, if we have a word page for this particular word, you can click "Learn more" to go there and learn about this particular word.

Happy reading!

Difficulty Level 1

A Scary Story
Absurd Demands
Awkward Question
Nothing to Do
Old Mister Li

Difficulty Level 2

A Tough Decision
Horror and Comedy Flicks
Madman in the Barbershop
Stop Pulling My Blanket!
The Taxi Driver
The Convenience Store

Difficulty Level 3

Chinese New Year's Customs and Taboos
Traditional Chinese New Year Food

Difficulty Level 4

Zheng Chenggong