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Traditional Simplified
理髮店 瘋子 Madman in the Barbershop
理髮師 甚麼 樣子 髮型 Barber: Please have a seat. How much would you like cut today? Would you like to change your hairstyle?
客人 全部 剪掉 變成 光頭 Customer: Cut it all off! I want to become a baldy!
理髮師 為什麼 光頭 Barber: Why do you want to go bald-headed?
客人 我的 女朋友 希望 光頭 Customer: My girlfriend said she wishes I were a baldy.
理髮師 真的 Barber: Really?
客人 沒有 明確 ······ Customer: Well, not in so many words...
理髮師 那麼 什麼 Barber: Well, what did she say, then?
客人 你的 頭髮 怎麼 那麼 覺得 男人 頭髮 你的 頭髮 看起來 所以 女朋友 變得 Customer: She said, "Why's your hair so long? For guys, I think the shorter the hair, the more handsome they are. Your long hair looks so messy!" So, I want to be more handsome for my girlfriend.
理髮師 光頭 Barber: She's not saying she wants you to be bald!
客人 知道 但是 清楚 知道 如果 改變 我的 髮型 應該 清楚 Customer: I know, but she wasn't clear. So I want to teach her that if she wants to change my hairstyle, she'd better be a bit more specific.
理髮師 瘋子 Barber: Are you a lunatic?
客人 沒錯 一點 變成 光頭 瘋子 Customer: Yes, now turn me into a bald-headed lunatic.