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Traditional Simplified
沒有 可以 Nothing to Do
回家 開始 感到 無聊 什麼 可以 電影 算了 它的 劇情 聽起來 無聊 而且 那個 男主角 看起來 鼬鼠 I've been bored since the moment I got home. What can I do? Oh, I could watch that really popular movie! Nevermind, I don't want to watch it. The plot sounds boring, and the lead actor looks like a weasel.
或許 可以 喜歡 但是 這個 已經 另外 根本 沒有 其他 而且 圖書館 已經 休息 Perhaps I could read my favorite book again. Although, I've already read it once this month. I'll read another book, then. Oh, I haven't bought any others, and the library is closed.
沒有 可以 可以 打電話 朋友 彼得 蘇珊 湯姆 他們 需要 一個 興趣 I have nothing to do at home. I'll call a friend. Peter? Susan? Tom? Oh, aren't they all busy? I need to find a hobby.