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Traditional Simplified
先生 Old Mister Li
先生 有可能 你的 爺爺 奶奶 確定 到底 多老 但是 覺得 已經 一百 Mr. Li is very old. He is probably even older than your grandmother and your grandfather. I don't know exactly how old he is, but I bet he is more than a hundred years old!
雖然 先生 可是 健康 覺得 那麼 健康 因為 每天 散步 每一個 早上 市場 報紙 多久 之前 報紙 如今 大部分 喜歡 上網 新聞 But Mr. Li is in good shape for his age. I think he is so healthy because he goes for a walk every day. Every morning he walks to the grocery shop to buy the newspaper. When was the last time you bought a newspaper? Most people read news online these days!
知道 先生 沒有 散步 或者 報紙 時候 喜歡 什麼 大概 社交媒體 大概 電子遊戲 老人 有空 時候 到底 喜歡 什麼 I wonder what Mr. Li does when he's not walking or reading the newspaper. He probably doesn't use social media. And he probably doesn't play video games either. What do old people do in their spare time?