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Traditional Simplified
我的 毯子 Stop Pulling My Blanket!
暑假 嘉敏 自己 一個人 泰國 度假 到達 曼谷 時候 已經 覺得 This summer break, Jiamin went on a vacation to Thailand by herself. It was already dark when she arrived in Bangkok, and she felt very tired.
於是 辦理 酒店 登記 手續 便 直接 跑到 房間 So, after checking into her hotel, she went straight to her room to sleep.
她的 房間 而且 想起 一些 發生 泰國 故事 覺得 害怕 所以 毯子 自己 包裹 起來 覺得 一點 安全感 那些 恐怖 情節 不斷 她的 腦海 冷汗 由於 縈繞 想法 ,漸漸 進入 夢鄉 Her room was large and cold, which made her recall a few ghost stories that took place in Thailand. She felt very scared, so she wrapped herself up in a blanket for a sense of security. However, some scary scenarios kept playing out in her head, making her break out into a cold sweat. Since she was so tired, the haunting thoughts lingered as she slowly drifted off to sleep.
突然 感覺 毯子 下去 所以 毯子 上去 但是 毯子 Suddenly, she felt the blanket sliding off the bed, so she yanked it back up. But after a few seconds, the blanket moved again!
糟了 一定 Oh no! It must be a ghost!
再次 毯子 上去 一會兒 覺得 有人 拍打 她的 而且 越來越 大力 睜開 眼睛 看見 穿 紅色 衣服 女人 面前 女人 舉起 打開 起床 您的 巴士 She pulled it up again. After a while, she felt someone was tapping on her legs. Each tap got stronger and stronger. She opened her eyes and saw a woman in red in front of her! The woman raised her hand . . . to switch on the light and said, "Wake up, your bus is almost here!"