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Traditional Simplified
便利商店 The Convenience Store
叮咚 叮咚 歡迎 光臨 Ding dong, ding dong, "Welcome!"
昨天 下午 公司 便利商店 東西 發現 我的 錢包 但是 Yesterday afternoon, while shopping at the convenience store near my work, I realized I forgot to bring my wallet. But I was so hungry!
幸好 我的 口袋 台幣 五十 硬幣 六十 美金 左右 要不然 決定 泡麵 韓式 泡菜 口味 聽起來 好吃 但是 六十五 後來 台式 牛肉 泡麵 剛好 五十 Forunately, I had one 50 NT coin (about 1.60 USD) in my pocket. Otherwise, I'd starve to death. I decided to buy instant noodles. The Korean kimchi flavored ones looked delicious, but they were 65 NT. I chose the Taiwanese beef noodle flavored ones instead. They were exactly 50 NT!
過去 店員 然後 我的 五十 硬幣 秒鐘 I took it over to the clerk. Then I gave him my 50 NT, and he looked at it for just three seconds before saying, "Fake."
什麼 怎麼 知道 What? How can you tell?
收銀機 另外 五十 硬幣 出來 對照 一下 顏色 一點 一樣 He took another 50 NT coin out from the cash register and let me see the difference. "The color is a little bit different."
以為 比較 而已 I thought it was just a bit older.
而且 它的 重量 一樣 它的 大小 之前 怎麼 發現 "Furthermore, its weight is different. And look, even its size is different! How have you not noticed before?"
了解 台幣 "I don't really understand Taiwanese currency."
沒關係 時間 可以 慢慢 了解 臺幣 但是 麻煩 一點 錢包 出來 後面 已經 好多 排隊 No problem, take your time learning our currency, but please be a bit faster getting your wallet out. There are already a lot of people lined up behind you."
其實 忘記 我的 錢包 Oh, actually I forgot to bring my wallet.
所以 怎麼辦 "Ah, so what do you want to do about it?"
應該 怎麼辦 ······ 回去 "What should I do about it . . . I'll just put it back, then."
好的 "Okay."
叮咚 叮咚 謝謝 光臨 Ding dong, ding dong, "Thanks for coming!"