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Traditional Simplified
傳統 春節 料理 Traditional Chinese New Year Food
春節 中國 重要 節日 期間 我們 很多 傳統 食物 慶祝 來臨 知道 它們 不同 意義 Chinese New Year is the most important festival in China, during which we feast on a lot of traditional food to celebrate the coming of a new year. Did you know that each kind of food represents something different?
其中一 重要 食品 糕點 譬如 年糕 蘿蔔糕 馬蹄糕 等等 同音 糕點 步步高陞 意味 孩子 長高 大人 薪金 / 職位 高升 One of the most important varieties of food is cake: rice cakes, radish cakes, water chestnut cakes, etc. The chinese words and are homynyms. Therefore eating cake symbolizes reaching higher: Kids will grow up fast, and adults will get a raise or a promotion.
湯圓 春節 必吃 食品 因為 湯圓 象徵 團圓 家人 共聚 一起 意味 有些 餡料 放進 湯圓 豆沙 花生醬 芝麻醬 等等 有些 喜歡 湯圓 進去 Glutinous rice balls are also a must-eat dish during Chinese New Year because  in 湯圓 symbolizes 團圓, as in bringing families together. Some people like to put sweet fillings inside the rice balls, like red bean, peanut and sesame paste, etc., whereas some others prefer salty rice balls, serving them with meat stuffing.
我們 春節 經常 餃子 餃子 形狀 元寶 我們 希望 餃子 可以 得到 更多 元寶 發財 意思 Dumplings are also often consumed during the New Year. They have a shape similar to that of an old-fashioned ingot, The hope is that one will get more ingots by consuming more dumplings. Therefore, dumplings are associated with prosperity.
不少 家庭 紅棗 因為 紅色 中國 吉祥 顏色 帶來 好運 而且 同音 寓意 早生貴子 Furthermore, many families prepare soups with red dates because, in China, red is a lucky color that brings you fortune. Also, and share the same pronunciation, suggesting the imminent birth of a son.
當然 還有 不可缺少 同音字 象徵 年年有餘 那麼 破產 And of course, we can't skip fish! The Chinese character of  is a homophone for the character of , so consuming fish symbolizes having a surplus at the end of each year. So, eating more fish can prevent me from going bankrupt?
春節 重要 一環 所以 不少 春節 減肥 但是 值得 Feasting is an essential part of the Chinese New Year celebration, so many have to start a weight loss plan afterwards. But I still think it is worthwhile!