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鄭成功 Zheng Chenggong
鄭成功 名字 軍事將領 接下来 看看 人生 故事 概括 Have you heard the name Zheng Chenggong? He's a military leader who supported the Ming Dynasty and opposed the Qing. Come take a look at this summary of his life story.
一六二四 出生 日本 父親 中國人 母親 日本人 父親 叫做 鄭芝龍 鄭芝龍 海盗 後來 成為 明朝 水師將領 母親 叫做 田川松 來自 日本 平戶 1624: He was born in Japan to a Chinese father and Japanese mother. His father's name was Zheng Zhilong, who started out as a pirate and eventually came to serve the Ming Dynasty as a naval commander. His mother's name was Tagawa Matsu, who came from the Japanese vassal state of Hirado
鄭成功 小時候 他的 母親 一起 日本 然後 母親 南明朝 福建 When Zheng Chenggong was young, he lived with his mother in Japan, and once he reached seven years old, they moved to Fujian province in Ming Dynasty China.
一六四四 二十 南京國子監 求學 明朝 首都 北京 滿族 成立 清朝 推翻 於是 他們 南京 1644: When he was about twenty, he sought tutelage at the Imperial University of Nanjing. Meanwhile, the Ming capital of Beijing fell to the Manchurian-founded Qing Dynasty, causing the Ming to flee to Nanjing.
一六四五 清朝 軍隊 攻佔 南京 幫助 新任 皇帝 隆武 福建 福州 成立 明朝 首都 1645: A short while later, the Manchurians took control of Nanjing, as well. The Zheng family helped Emperor Longwu establish a new Ming capital in Fuzhou, a city in Fujian province.
一六四六 明朝 軍隊 捍衛 福建 北邊 時候 鄭芝龍 撤回 他的 軍隊 隆武 一個人 抵抗 清兵 侵略 隆武 打敗 處決 1646: When defending the northern borders of Fujian, Zheng Zhilong took his armies and retreated, leaving Longwu to face The Qing army's invasion alone. Longwu was quickly defated and executed.
後來 清朝 使節 偷偷 鄭芝龍 聯絡 機會 清朝 治理 廣東 福建 雖然 他的 家人 反對 他的 抉擇 但是 鄭芝龍 最後 接受 清朝 邀請 Afterward, Qing envoys secretly contacted Zheng Zhilong and offered him the chance to govern Guangdong and Fujian for the Qing Dynasty. Despite his family's protests against the decision, Zheng Zhilong ultimately accepted the Qing's offer.
鄭芝龍 兒子 鄭成功 太太 田川松 沒有 跟著 反而 明朝 繼續 對抗 清朝 清朝 軍隊 殺進 鄭成功 家鄉 福建 安海鎮 然後 田川松 寧死不屈 自殺 Zheng Zhilong's son Zheng Chenggong and wife Tagawa Matsu did not follow him, instead they continued helping the Ming defending against the Qing. A year later, Qing troops ransacked Zheng Chenggong's hometown, Anhai in Fujian province. His mother, Tagawa Matsu, commit suicide rather than submit to the Qing.
一六五零 鄭成功 成為 鄭家 大當家 之後 效忠 明朝 皇帝 永曆 防禦 對抗 滿族 成立 清朝 接下來 鄭成功 東南 取得 好幾 勝利 使得 清朝 1650: Zheng Chenggong, upon becoming head of the Zheng family name, pleged devotion to Emperor Yong Li, vowing to help him resist the invasion of the Manchurian established Qing Dynasty. Over the next few years, Zheng Chenggong scored a number of victories in the Southeast, causing the Qing to become increasingly fearful of him.
一六五二 鄭芝龍 清朝 名義 鄭成功 考慮 清朝 談判 談判 失敗 雖然 清朝 軍隊 繼續 攻擊 明朝 領土 鄭成功 戰術 高明 使 殲滅 清朝 大部分 海軍 1652: Zheng Zhilong sent a letter to Zheng Chenggong on behalf of the Qing, asking him to consider negotiating. After two years of such negotiations, they failed. Although the Qing troops continued to attack Ming territory, Zheng Chenggong's strategic skills were too great, and he wiped out most of the Qing's navy.
一六五六 清朝 海軍 徹底 擊退 鄭成功 趁機 試圖 奪回 南京 然而, 圍攻 南京 禮拜 鄭成功 最後 清朝 軍隊 打敗 1656: With the Qing's navy thoroughly repelled, Zheng Chenggong seized the opportunity to reclaim Nanjing. However, after three weeks of beseiging Nanjing, Zheng Chenggong was defeated by the Qing.
一六六一 鄭成功 帶領 他的 軍隊 荷蘭 殖民地 台灣 隨即 攻打 荷蘭 軍隊 雖然 台灣 原住民 原本 支持 荷蘭 政府 由於 鄭成功 提出 特赦 教會 他們 一些 農作 技巧 致使 他們 反抗 荷蘭 政府 支持 明朝 政府 荷蘭 政府 投降 1661: Zheng Chenggong took his troops and fled to Dutch occupied Taiwan, where he immediately began fighting the Dutch. Although the Taiwanese aboriginals were original supporting the Dutch Government, Zheng Chenggong's offers of amnesty, as well as teachings of new farming techniques, led them to rebel against the Dutch in favor of the Ming. It didn't take long for the Dutch to surrender.
鄭成功 台灣 重新 成立 明朝 為了 擴大 邊境 所以 菲律賓 試圖 驅逐 當地 西班牙 殖民者 Having re-established the Ming Dynasty in Taiwan, Zheng Chenggong, in order to expand its borders, went to the Phillipines and attempted to oust the Spanished colonizers there.
僅僅 打敗 荷蘭 鄭成功 瘧疾 他的 兒子 鄭經 接管 台灣 治理 治理 十九 去世 But only a year after defeating the Dutch, Zheng Chenggong died of malaria. His son Zheng Jing governed Taiwan for 19 years before dying.
一六八三 鄭成功 孫子 鄭克塽 治理 台灣 投降 最終 台灣 交給 清朝 政府 徹底 結束 明朝 1683: Zheng Chenggong's grandson, Zheng Keshuang governed for less than two years before surrending and handing Taiwan over to the Qing, ending the Ming Dynasty for good.
鄭成功 人生 故事 悲壯 永垂不朽 Zheng Chonggong's heroically tragic life story will never be forgotten.