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Traditional Simplified

means "you" in informal occasions and is used only for females. Note the female radical on the left side of the character. The male counterpart is and the formal version is .

喜歡 壽司
Nǐ xǐhuān chī shòusī ma?
Do you like to eat sushi?
Tā zài zhuī nǐ.
He is pursuing you.

Like all pronouns, will make it plural. 妳們 means "they (plural-female)" or "them (plural-female)".

妳們 新加坡人
Nǐmen shì xīnjiāpōrén ma?
Are you Singaporean?
幫助 妳們
Wǒ huì bāngzhù nǐmen.
I will help you.