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家人 means “family member” and can refer to either a single family member or multiple family members. It is particularly useful when want to avoid stating someone’s role in the family.

老婆 家人 忘記
tā shì wǒ lǎopó de jiārén , wǒ bù huì wàngjì tā 。
She is a member of my wife's family, I won't forget her.
我的 家人
nǐ shì wǒ de jiārén , wǒ xìn nǐ 。
You are my family member, I trust you.
他們 你的 家人 當然 認識 他們
tāmen shì nǐ de jiārén , nǐ dāngrán rènshí tāmen 。
They are your family, of course you know them.
告訴 我的 家人 他們
qǐng gàosù wǒ de jiārén , wǒ ài tāmen 。
Please tell my family that I love them.